Crate Climbing

Place one crate on top of another The climber must remain standing on the topmost crate without dismounting at any time The aim is to see how high you can get before the pile ofContinue reading

Zip Line

Adrenaline pumping activity Harness up, attach on and step off Zip line through the air at speed Suitable as a kids or adult activity  

Wall Climbing

Custom built outdoor Climbing Wall 2 different climbing routes Designed to cater for climbers of all levels Suitable for kids aged 7+


Private natural spring fed lake Life Jackets, paddles and Kayaks provided Enjoy team building games on the water

High Ropes

Begin your adventure by tackling a climbing wall Progress through a series of aerial elements and challenges, moving between treetop platforms. Walk along foot cables, ropes and a suspended bridge 10m above ground 2 thrillingContinue reading

Low Ropes

Purpose built low ropes obstacle course Develops balance and co-ordination Navigate your way through a series of bridges Teams will learn to communicate and strategize in new ways


Beginner to advanced Learn the skill of using a bow to propel arrows Competitive activity for all ages